Rosoboronexport State Corporation in the global market of military vehicles

rosoboronThe current years have experienced a continuous growth in the role and importance of military automobiles since the means of ensuring tactical and operational mobility of troops and transport of ground tools and war materiel.

Internationally, the most massively utilized and sought-after kinds of armed forces vehicles are all-wheel-drive trucks allowing carriage of workers, delivery of ammunition and other stock and evacuation of casualties from regions of combat. There is a notable growth in demand for light-duty multipurpose armored military automobiles used to perform an extensive spectral range of combat missions. The experience of current local conflicts and also the UN peacekeeping operations verifies evidently the need of getting highly mobile protected cars in the overall range of armed forces automotive equipment.

Given the present alterations in global trends, Rosoboronexport State Corporation is able to provide to international lovers as broad spectral range of armed forces vehicles as possible, including light-duty army vehicles you can use to install armament and unique equipment on, carry workers and military technology along with haul artillery systems, trailers and semi-trailers.

Aside from this, the Corporation will offer to international customers basically new heavy-payload vehicles of an original off-road ability. For example, these are two-section tracked carriers for the Vityaz family. These vehicles have been adapted to be used because the base for mounting all types of armament systems, hoists along with other procedure equipment and will be operated in exceedingly hard normal, climatic and road conditions. Also of interest are multipurpose compact cross-country tracked carriers and monitored provider tractors.

In the past few years, Rosoboronexport has increased quite a bit international supplies of automotive equipment with its tasks getting the focus at not merely improving the export return but additionally at expanding progressively the export geography of military and dual-purpose items and developing new possible areas of military automobiles.

Russian military vehicles enjoy an excellent appeal and are provided to many countries in Africa, Latin America, South-East Asia and also the Middle East.

A breakthrough in the military technical cooperation with Latin American nations has paved the method to increased export materials of Russian military automobiles to the region. In current years, Rosoboronexport has delivered more than 500 cross-country vehicles to the armed forces of Uruguay (the Ural, UAZ, GAZel high-sided and ambulance vehicles). Russian vehicles show well not only in a variety of road conditions in this South American nation but additionally in conditions for the absolute not enough roadways in Africa where it is effectively operated by the UNO’s Uruguayan peacekeeping contingent. Included in a contract with Rosoboronexport, the Defense Ministry of Uruguay received in 2006 forty eight multipurpose (more…)